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Saria: College Kid, Avid RPer, and Admitted Geek [userpic]

character bio redux: Pre-Lakebed Midna

August 31st, 2011 (08:04 pm)

twilimistressCollapse )

Saria: College Kid, Avid RPer, and Admitted Geek [userpic]

for dannipet

January 3rd, 2011 (01:19 am)

Physical description of Karrah

about average height and weight...she looks like she's about 20-23...I don't remember what color I made her eyes. Brown hair, very thin, very light, very straight and very long. She always has it tied in a ponytail, and when she does the very tip is at waist level. Her bangs are really long too, about halfway down her nose in length, and always combed over the left side of her face. She has a scar across her forehead all the way to her temple, as if somebody slashed her with a knife there. She hates it, which is why she grows her bangs out to hide it. She usually wears a white dojo uniform with a blue tunic underneath the top, and she prefers to go barefoot, when she needs shoes she wears Japanese sandals.
(1:07:28 AM) Saria-chan: of course in this scene her hair's down...who knows how freaking long it is by now XD

Saria: College Kid, Avid RPer, and Admitted Geek [userpic]

OC backstory

November 22nd, 2010 (05:48 pm)

Now with more angst and cliches!Collapse )

Saria: College Kid, Avid RPer, and Admitted Geek [userpic]

capeandcowl app, first draft

February 4th, 2010 (06:17 pm)

NAME: Saria
AGE: 22 in a few weeks
JOURNAL: sagesaria and xsariachanx
IM: SageSaria9475
E-MAIL: SageSaria9475@gmail.com

FANDOM: Senkaiden Houshin Engi
CHRONOLOGY: Postseries
CLASS: Hero, more of a defensive healer than a warrior
ALTER EGO: Fugen, a chemist in a local science laboratory.

BACKGROUND: Fugen was born and raised in a small town outside of the Yin empire in China, 12th century BC. When he was twelve years old, Yin soldiers raided the outer cities of the Yin for human sacrifices to be burried alive with the late emperor, by orders of Empress Dakki. Fugen barely escaped with his life, but his family had been slaughtered for resisting capture, and the village was burned to the ground. A mere hours after the raid, Genshitenson, headmaster of a school in the Kongrong mountains of the Sennin (immortal) world, came to Fugen, telling him that he had potential to become a Sennin, and invited him to his school. Having nowhere else to go and nothing left in the human world, he accepted, and was quickly registered as a disciple, or Doushi. It was here that he met Taikoubou, who had also just arrived after losing his family to the Yin, and the two of them would quickly become best friends and soul brothers.

Over many decades, Fugen exeeded expectations in the Sennin world, staying at the top of his class and learning quickly. In time, he was given his first Paopei (special weapons designed for Sennin), and soon he was given the highest honor available; a position in Kongrong's twelve elite, the Juunisen. Now officially a Sennin, he could take on a disciple for himself; he started to train a young boy named Mokutaku. Taikoubou, meanwhile, remained a Doushi and for many more years was content to be so. Then the Houshin Project began; a project with many hidden agendas and secrets. All that was known to the public was that Taikoubou was the one chosen to lead it, and it involved sealing the souls of powerful yokai, Sennin, and even humans in a pillar on Kongrong known as the Houshindai. Supposedly, its ultimate purpose was to put a stop to the yokai Dakki's destructive ways.

The project triggered an unstoppable chain of events that raised tension and chaos in both the human and the Sennin worlds, and soon Bunchuu, a yokai from the Kingou faction of the Sennin world, attacked Kongrong and started a brutal war. All of the available students and faculty of Kongrong came to its defense, including the Juunisen. Fugen through most of the war stayed with Taikoubou, attempting a tactical attack from inside Kingou, then ultimately it came to a standoff with Bunchuu himself, in which Fugen used his most powerful attack, destroying himself and ten of the other Juunisen. The war ended bittersweetly, with the Sennin world falling from the sky as one of its most crushing milestones.

Upon his death, Fugen's soul flew to the Houshindai, where he stayed for many more years, until at last the Houshin Project's purpose was revealed; to destroy Jyoka, a woman not of this planet who had been manipulating the events of history from the very beginning, destroying and rebuilding the earth over and over attempting to recreate her own planet, "like a child building a sandcastle." When all hope seemed lost for this final battle, the Houshindai was opened, and the souls who were sealed away gave Taikoubou the strength he needed to destroy Jyoka and place the hands of time in control of the rightful owners.

Taikoubou disappeared after that battle, assumed dead by many. The Sennin world was rebuilt, and slowly repairs to the devastation the Houshin Project caused were made, including an effort to restore peace to all the factions. The aid of the souls from the Houshindai was used for this cause as well; they lived on an island between worlds, and since humans couldn't see them, they were in charge of negotiating with yokai in the human world, who could. So it has been since the end of the project, until one day all of a sudden, Fugen disappeared from the island of souls; he had been brought to the City, flesh and blood once more.

PERSONALITY: While most Sennin will leap into battle without a second thought, Fugen prefers a more passive approach and attempts to reason with his opponent rather than kill them, only using his abilities to defend himself. But he knows that one cannot always win through peaceful methods, and when the time comes he will kill with a tearful apology. He hates conflict and practices nonviolence in everything he does, even using a straight hook when fishing with Taikoubou so he doesn't hurt the fish. When confronted with unavoidable conflict, he will put himself at risk if it means others might live.

Fugen is quiet and calm, often described by others as zen; he can face almost anything with a smile and a wise word. In fact he is almost always smiling. He is a good listener and easy to make friends with, and even has a mischievous streak that he doesn't mind letting out once in a while. He has a passion and extensive knowledge for chemistry.
Coming back from the dead and coming to a strange new place has shaken his calm significantly, but after some time to find his feet he will gradually return to his normal zen, though sadness at the events he's experienced may cloud him still.

POWER: In canon, Fugen carries a special weapon called a Paopei. This specific Paopei is the Taikyoku Fuin, a large black ball that he carries everywhere. The Taikyoku Fuin gives him the ability to manipulate the world around him with the laws of chemistry and physics; he can deflect momentum to defend against physical attacks, and change the chemical properties of elemental attacks so they are rendered useless. The Taikyoku Fuin can also be volitile, causing a miniature nuclear explosion destroying anything in the blast radius. Fugen only uses this explosive power as a last resort, if at all. (an example of the Taikyoku Fuin's abilities is in this chapter of the manga, from that page on, and also these two pages.)

Upon arrival to the City, Fugen's touch was given the ability to heal and soothe. If he touches bare skin, internal and external wounds will slowly mend themselves, and the person will come to a state of emotional calm. The calm will last as long as Fugen is touching them, and Fugen cannot use this ability on himself.

COMMUNITY POST (FIRST PERSON) SAMPLE: It's been so long since I've set foot on the human world. Well...in life, at least. Over fourty years--no, I only remember it as fourty years ago. I don't know how much time has passed now.

So much has changed...the human world looks so little different from the Sennin world I called my home. But...it seems the way of humans hasn't changed so much. I can feel the tension in this city, the fear and suspicion. I haven't felt this on edge since I encountered Bunchuu for the first time.

When I gave my life in the Sennin War...when the Houshindai opened and Jyoka was defeated...I'd hoped in my time as a spirit to help build a world of peace. I hoped that humans and Sennin alike would learn from it all and stop this neeedless conflict. That the world would become a better place, where we all learn to listen and understand each other.

It seems I shall have to wait a little longer for that world.

LOGS POST (THIRD PERSON) SAMPLE: It as a cold winter night. But only a tranquil, comforting kind of cold, like a blanket over the City, with so little wind chill one hardly noticed. It didn't bother Fugen at all as he stood, leaning on his open window. He preferred weather slightly on the cold side anyway.

He leaned against the open pane, looking up at the sky. The snow was so fine and consistant that at first glance it looked no different from a light rain. But where he stood, the building's lights above him reflected the snow so brightly against the black sky. It whirled and danced down to the earth, layers of falling crystals that seemed to go on forever and made Fugen dizzy as he tried to follow how far it went. Every droplet shined so brilliantly it was as if the stars themselves were raining down on the City. He knew very well that the stars would not fall to earth like this, but in this moment he allowed himself to forget.

A slight breeze made the snow change its course, and Fugen closed his eyes as it blew over his face, damp flakes already adhering to strands of his sky blue hair. He remembered the last winter he had with his family. He loved winters in that little village; the air was always so crisp and silent, and the snow embraced everything from the houses to the sleeping trees like a blanket of white too pure to disturb. He was content to stay inside and look at it, and watch his little sister run and play through it, making erratic tracks and covering herself in the white powder. The lake at the bottom of the hill froze solid, and the other children of the village would slip and slide atop the ice, laughing all the while. The snow crunched under his father's feet when he came home at night, and his mother made her special soup that made him feel so warm he swore he could face the coldest winds.

This was what Fugen had come to miss the most about living in the human world; the little moments and the joys of nature that most wouldn't pay any heed. He was grateful for every friend he had made on Kongrong, for everything he had and experienced there, but life in the Sennin world was nothing like the world he once knew. Among the mountains, there were woods to wander through and hide among its trees. There were no lakes to sit by and pedal ones feet in, or go fishing, or even skate in the winter. The school stood so high above the clouds that there was never even any snow, or even rain. Certainly, he could create snow himself; a simple rearrangement of the hydrogen bonds in water would do the trick. But it would be nothing compared to this moment; even the strongest Sennin could not emulate what nature had perfected long before their time.

I know the Taikyoku Fuin is a freaking insane weapon so I'm willing to and even expect to either omit it or seriously water it down. I can easily omit the explosive power; he's not likely to use it anyway. As for the rest, I could say that using it takes more of a physical tole on him or that he can only use it against specific attacks or something. On the flipside, I wanted to give Fugen something besides the defense and I thought the healing powers would be fitting, but rereading the FAQ I don't know if it would be allowed, so I could omit one or the other if needed. Whatever you mods see fit; feel free to message or email me about anything :)

Saria: College Kid, Avid RPer, and Admitted Geek [userpic]

(no subject)

March 20th, 2009 (04:56 pm)

I want my rp drive back ._.

EDIT: HipCoho, I stole your hat because you kept randomly IMing me and linking me with somebody else. Either that or Peter stole it for my Holiday Camp hat in Tommy.

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March 12th, 2009 (02:12 pm)

Ask my muses:

01. Full name:
02. Best friend:
03. Sexuality:
04. Favorite color:
05. Relationship status:
06. Ideal mate:
07. Turn-ons:
08. Last sexual experience:
09. Favorite food:
10. Crushes:
11. Favorite music:
12. Biggest fear:
13. Biggest fantasy:
14. Quirks in bed:
15. Bad habits:
16. Biggest regret:
17. Best kept secrets:
18. Last thought:
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience:
20. Biggest insecurity:

Feel free to ask any other ones.

I'll try to wake up all my old muses for this too.
Muses available for response: FH!Midna, Saria, Roushi, Foxxy, Flea, Jade, Dragon, Jack, FH!Fugen, Elan, Wolf, Raishinshi, Abel, Scout, SK!Fugen, Purg!Midna, Bukichi, Vaarsuvius and I'll even try Guu and K.K. Slider.

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(no subject)

January 28th, 2009 (04:24 am)

I've been playing Harvest Moon games for the past two weeks.

....I miss playing Jack.

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You know you're a roleplayer when...

December 26th, 2008 (05:52 pm)

You see a sign with information that a muse would know and take notes on it.

((in this case it was a poster of baseball terminology in the Wendy's XD))

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Meet the Scout (Oh! The wit of me!)

December 12th, 2008 (10:24 am)

Random notes about my Scout muse from Team Fortress 2 since I don't want to make a real profile for him yet.

- Nickname "Scoot", used on the team and at home. Named after his speed; telling him to "scoot"
- age 19, baby boomer; assuming the game takes place around 1968 that means he was born in 1949
- spent the first five years of his life in New Jersey before the family moved to Boston, still has the Jersey accent
- seven older brothers, eldest brother predicted 8 years older than Scoot, which means he'd be about 27 now
- cocky, smartassed, aggressive
- was bullied by his brothers and boys in school, learned early to solve problems with violence
- taught himself to run in order to get to the fights before his brothers hogged all the fun and to get away when he was over his head. needless to say this training payed off; he's probably the fastest human being of the 60's
- typical teenaged boy; likes comic books, attractive girls and junk food
- favorite comic book is Superman because he's just like him; faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
- Superman inspiration to keep running?
- horny as hell and all about girly mags and boobs, but if a girl talks to him he gets really embarassed and nervous; has no idea how to talk to girls
- part of this is because he's a little sexist
- his mother is the only girl he can really talk to; he loves her and is protective of her
- father might be a baseball star
- world's biggest baseball fan. always carries a bat, knows all the terms, you name it
- has a keen eye for cars
- commited some (relatively) minor felonies in high school, namely breaking into lockers
- accidentally killed a boy from school when he was 17; he said something bad about his mother (or was bullying her) and Scoot beat him to death with a baseball bat. He was sent to the army instead of prison, and two years later got called for the infamous battle of RED vs. BLU in TF2
- had really short brown hair before he got sent off and they shaved his head
- not sure about music from his time yet, but in modern music he enjoys things with heavy percussion, fast pace and heavy electric guiltar (or heavy accoustic; he's taken a liking to a few Gypsy Nomad songs, especially Ogre Dance)
- once introduced he'll adore video games
- hates needles. not because they hurt, he just doesn't like them.
- bisexual, but insists he's completely straight; has a secret mancrush on the Soldier
- fidgets with his dogtags when uncomfortable or feeling down
- image song: Shining Knights in Dented Armor by the Gypsy Nomads. I'm not sure what it is that makes me think of him, but it does.

For others' reference:

Saria: College Kid, Avid RPer, and Admitted Geek [userpic]


November 25th, 2008 (02:59 pm)

I miss my Flea. The main reason I dropped him was because Winry, Jet and Marjoly are gone and since then he was fading on me 'cause he missed them.

But he keeps popping up and sparkling at me in my mind.

I wonder if I should reset and reapply him sometime.

And if I do, I'm strongly considering trying harder to play him as the villain. As I played him, he was very affectionate and flirty, as depicted in the few times you see him in the game. But I didn't play him as a villain. If I'd meant to when I started him, it kind of vanished, and he ended up being the sparkly guy who loves everybody. If I were to take him up again, I think I'll want to make him more villainous; maybe spying on everybody and stuff like that. Heck, maybe even go undercover as an affectionate school girl or something, so I can keep what I loved playing about him before.

I dunno...I'd say this calls for a replay, but I doubt the little canon he has can help me here.

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